About Us

The Institute of Marine Sciences, ISMAR, is affiliated to the Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technologies (DTA) of National Research Council of Italy (CNR) and is divided into 6 territorial Research Units. The group involved in this project in based in La Spezia and has extensive expertise and scientific excellence in the study of transport and dispersion at sea mainly through:

  • experience, both for instruments management and data analysis, in direct measurement of surface currents with oceanographic instruments such as High Frequency (HF) Radars and Lagrangian drifters;
  • the development of forecasting tools for the transport of pollutants and the study of the influence of sea currents on dispersion processes through data fusion techniques applied to data from HF radars, drifters and circulation models.

The Research Unit of La Spezia participates in, and in some cases coordinates, several European projects within the FP7, H2020, MED, Interreg, CMEMS Tender programmes. The collaboration of CNR-ISMAR brings the necessary expertise in the field of physical oceanography and experience in the studies of transport and dispersion at sea and in the use of oceanographic instruments.