On AIR s.r.l.
About Us

On AIR is active since over 20 years in several ICT sectors (computer vision, pattern recognition, data mining, optimisation) with many applications, mainly in transport systems, starting with those in the railway sector. In this field, the most significant development is the TMS, a complete software system for the real-time management of railway traffic, with specific modules capable of regulating train movements, deciding the sequencing at intersections and, where possible, also redirecting traffic on multiple tracks.

Recently, OnAIR has successfully launched new initiatives for Voyage Optimization in the naval sector, and it has developed, in collaboration with the University of Genoa (DITEN and DICCA Departments), innovative solutions for the automatic generation of ship routes and speed profiles with minimum consumption, based on the analysis of weather and sea forecast data and on the detailed simulation of the behaviour of vessels.

This experience can be used in SINDBAD, thanks to the collaboration with the same departments of the University of Genova, extending the analysis of weather forecast data to the generation of operational suggestions to vessels for which the main objectives are the safety and comfort of navigation.