WP1: Data and Models
  • Type: Industrial Research
  • Start date: 02 April 2018
  • End date: 31 October 2019
  • WP Leader: On AIR
  • Abstract: The objective of WP1 is the generation of a data stream including measurements from High Frequency (HF) Radars and outputs of numerical models in standard, fully gap-filled and quality-controlled format, ready to be imported into the navigation service data analysis engine.

T1.1 - Meteo-marine modelling and high-resolution data. Provision and sharing of forecasting data of weather and sea conditions over the entire arc of the Ligurian Sea with 1km-resolution for wave and wind fields. Development of very high-resolution models for sensitive areas such as Ligurian commercial ports (Savona, Genoa and Vado) and areas of high recreational value (Marine Protected Area of Portofino).

T1.2 - Collection and management of HF radar data. Provision and sharing of historical HF radar derived surface current and wave field data. Sharing of know-how acquired by the project team on this specific research field for measurements format and characteristics analysis, with the aim of identifying an effective strategy for HF radar data integration with numerical models and weather conditions data. Real-time provision of data automatically acquired by CNR-ISMAR HF radar stations located in Monterosso al Mare, Tino Island, Portofino, Viareggio.

T1.3 - Cross calibration between numerical models and HF radars derived wave field data. Comparison between wave data acquired by HF radars and wave data produced by models for calibration and operational optimization of the HF radars stations in the study region.

T1.4 - Gap-filling methods. Development and near real time application of gap filling algorithms, more specifically for HF radar derived surface current data, based on the OMA (Open-boundary Modal Analysis) method, for spatial interpolation in case of missing data.

Expected Results

Deliverable D.1: Report on the characterization of meteo-marine data and models used in the analysis.