WP3: Interfaces and Use Cases
  • Type: Industrial Research
  • Start Date: 01 June 2018
  • End Date: 31 December 2019
  • WP Leader: On Air Web
  • Abstract: Definition of methods and techniques for the developement of the different interfaces of the system, whether they are addressed to the final user (Computer Human Interface) or to services (Machine to Machine)

T3.1 - User experience and definition of the technological platform. Relating to a technology platform whose front end is an APP, the user experience is one of the main success factors. Particular attention will be paid to the elements that make the application useful (technology must become an essential part of the experience and the user must perceive it as a tool that cannot be renounced), usable (easy, intuitive, responsive, always updated), desirable (the user interface must have high design standards, in order to make it attractive to use), credible (the content presented must be reliable).

T3.2 - Analysis and definition of information aggregation tools. The IT platform, from an overall point of view, will be presented and will operate in a highly integrated way ensuring the exchange of information with the outside world. The user will access the platform through a web/app interface that will allow interaction with the modules that manage and implement the technological infrastructure itself. In particular will be developed a cloud database, a central management and visualization module, an interaction module with ground control units, an interaction module with on-board control units, a data integrity management module, an aggregation and processing module of performance indices.

T3.3 - Modules characterization.The web/app interface represents the point of access and interaction with the platform. This component will consist of a series of common modules: data representation module, reporting module, user management module, login module, etc.; the platform will be accessible from both a web portal and a mobile app. Data acquisition module: responsible for managing the set of procedures through which the data, sent by the units to the central DB, undergoes a series of checks before being entered into the database and processed; Database interface: module of interaction with the relational database in cloud that will allow the management of all types of data and information required; Processing performance indices: responsible for processing data and extraction of performance indices and their representation on the interfaces.

T3.4 - Definition of standards and tools for application cooperation and interoperability. During this task will be defined the tools for accessing and disseminating data (web platform, mobile app), the tools for periodic aggregation of services for classes of users (newsletter/newsletter service), the tools for interoperability between the services developed in the project and third-parties services, such as application cooperation and interoperability of data and products with high spatial and temporal resolution (e.g. in favour of national meteorological services).

Expected Results

Deliverable D.3: Report about the web/app interfaces design.