WP4: Development of web-based services
  • Type: Development
  • Data inizio: 02 January 2019
  • Data termine: 31 December 2019
  • WP Leader: Xedum
  • Abstract: The objective of WP4 is the development and integration of all the software module and interfaces constituting the SINDBAD IT platform

T4.1 - Data storage and retrieval architecture. A cloud-based archive will be set up for fast data access; the data will be formatted to guarantee full interoperability.

T4.2 - Back end application development Applications and srvices, aimed at the automatic generation of operational suggestions in different contexts defined on the basis of the results of WP2, will be implemented on the cloud platform in order to maximize computational efficiency.

T4.3 - Web/app interface development. The development of the web/app front-end interfaces, in accordance with WP3 results, will take into account the characteristics of the devices used for the access.

T4.4 - Unit test and integrated test. The individual modules will be independently tested, through a series of local automatic tests, and then integrated into the final platform and subjected to overall testing by simulating different operating conditions.

Expected Results

Deliverable D.4: SINDBAD software platform with all features developed.