WP5: Beta testing
  • Type: Development
  • Start Date: 01 March 2019
  • End Date: 31 December 2019
  • WP Leader: Xedum
  • Abstract: The objective of WP5 is to verify the procedures/services of navigation assistance under operational conditions. This phase will allow to test in the field the effectiveness of the procedures/services proposed through comparisons with 'standard' strategies of navigation assistance.

T5.1 - Stakeholder involvement for operational testing. In order to implement the above objective, contacts will be established with yachting assistance companies and other potential stakeholders, and specific arrangements will be made for the testing phase of our automatic assistance procedure. The next step will be to identify the types of vessel to which the assistance service will be provided, as well as the definition of routes of interest both from the point of view of seasonality and for the sea area crossed, which must be favourable to the encounter of adverse weather and sea conditions.

T5.2 - Execution of field tests. The stakeholders identified will be able to use the beta version of the SINDBAD platform. In the case of companies for the assistance to pleasure boating traffic, the procedures of the 'standard' type adopted by these Companies will be combined with the innovative procedure proposed by SINDBAD. So the accuracy of the forecasts and the advantages offered by the automatically generated alerts will be evaluated directly in the field.

T5.3 - Collection of feedback and final evaluation. The feedback received from stakeholders involved in the testing phase of the innovative service proposed by SINDBAD will allow to assess the level of competitiveness in the field compared to standardized support services. It will also be possible to receive suggestions from professionals in the field of vessel assistance that will provide ideas for possible improvements in the product in terms of choice of additional indicators of alert / control to be made available to the users.

Expected Results

Deliverable D.5: Performance evaluation report